Learning Magento Development

Magento is a beast of a system. As a PHP Developer with over 13 years experience, you would think learning Magento Development would be a piece of cake for me to learn. I thought so until I landed a new job which requires me to learn and work on Magento daily.

Magento Certified Developer
So I am now in the process of learning Magento and I hope to become Magento Certified Developer within the next 6 months to a year. Then I can show this fancy little badge on my site and resume but best of all it will hopefully mean I have mastered Magento Development. So that is my goal and it might be yours as well if you are reading this article. Below I will give you several tools and resources to help you reach that goal of mastering or at least learning Magento.

Magento is one complex system to learn but the rewards can be huge. A skilled professional Magento Developer is in high demand as thousands of eCommerce companies rely on this software daily. In addition to employment opportunities as a Magento Developer, there is a large Magento Extensions and Magento Themes marketplace where some Magento dev’s are making a fortune with.

I will update this article as I discover more tools and resources on my own path to learning Magento.
Please leave any comments if you have any other good resources to share. You can also view my list of the top Magento Development Books

Magento Development Resources
Watch the Fundamentals of Magento Developement videos by (Magento.SE moderator and all-around-nice-guy) Ben Marks (free on Magento U)
Read “No Frills Magento Layout” by Alan Storm
Get involved in local Magento Meetups
Study for certification: https://www.magentocommerce.com/certification/
Buy the certification guide by Vinai Kopp: https://www.magentocommerce.com/certification/moderators-kit
Attend an online training, such as the Magento U Checkout series
Download the Magento Extension Developer’s Guide
Designer’s Guide to Magento can be found here https://www.magentocommerce.com/resources/magento-user-guide
Read Magento Development Books
Follow Magneto Expert’s on Twitter
Follow Magento Expert’s Blogs
Helpful Magento Websites
Magento StackExchange question and answer site. Hundreds of useful answers and code snippets as well as lnowledgible Magento Community for support.
Magento U Fundamentals of Magento Development Course with 40+ hours of video and training of Magento Development for free for a limited time.
Best practices and useful magento Dev information.
Useful Magento dev blog by expert Alan Storm
Magento Developers on Social Media
Hundreds of Magento Developers to follow and be-friend on these Twitter Magento Lists and other social sites.

Resource Name Link
Google Plus Magento Community Google Plus Magento Community
Twitter Incho Magento List https://twitter.com/inchoo/magento
Twitter Kkoepke Magento List https://twitter.com/kkoepke/magento
Twitter eHubSystem Magento List https://twitter.com/eHubSystem/magento-imagine-2013
Twitter GingerWarriorX Magneto List https://twitter.com/GingerWarriorX/magento-peeps

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