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jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that provides abstractions for DOM traversal, event handling, animation and AJAX interactions for rapid web development.

JavaScript Markdown Table Generator

The code below and the CodePen.io demo will generate a button which reveals a grid of squares which the user can hover over and click to generate a Markdown Table where each square on the horizontal axis is a table column and the vertical axis is a table row. Demo See the Pen JavaScript Markdown Table Generator by Jason Davis
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Web Development Guest Post Opportunity

Want to write a Guest Post on CodeDevelopr? I’ve had many people contact me about writing guest posts on the site recently but i’ve been to busy with other projects to really get into it. I am now going to start accepting Guest Posts if they meet the criteria. Must be about or related to Web Development or Marketing and
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Get/Set Form Field Values with jQuery/JavaScript formFieldValues Plugin

jQuery.formFieldValues: get or set all of the name/value pairs from child input controls CodePen.io jQuery FormFieldValues Plugin Demo Query.formFieldValues jQuery Plugin Code /* * jQuery.formFieldValues: Get or Set all of the name/value pairs from child Form input fields. * @argument data {array} If included, will populate all child Form input fields. * @returns element if data was provided, or array
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Community Looking for Expert JavaScript Developer to Update X-Editable jQuery Library Project

What is X-Editable jQuery Library? It’s amazing is what it is! In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery. This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (Bootstrap, jQuery-UI, or just jQuery only) and includes both popup and inline modes. X-Editable can allow quick and easy inline editing
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Countdown remaining text characters in an HTML text input with jQuery

Using this simple Javascript with jQuery code snippet, we can count down the number of Text characters remaining based on a limit we set. This is very similar to how Twitter’s status input shows how many text characters remain as you type in text. For example, if we type in 20 text characters (including spaces) of 140 allowed, this will
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