WordPress is an open source content management system running on PHP and MySQL, and often used as a blog engine.

Automate Your WordPress Backup With Simple Bash Script

This simple script is great for backing up a WordPress site. It can really be modified easily to work with any site though! What does this backup script do? Makes a copy of your whole site directory. Compresses the copied directory for storage. Saves the compressed backup to a folder. Makes a backup of your MySQL Database. Compresses your Database
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How to Make Money on Elance as a Freelancer

About a few months ago I made the decision to start doing Freelance work. I have been a Web Developer for over 12 years now but I have never done any kind of Freelance work on a regular basis. So I read hundreds of Articles, Books, and all sorts of tips and tricks. Covering everything from the best Contract to
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Re-Write All Asset URLs in WordPress

Most of you know when you are viewing a Wordpress site simply by viewing the websites HTML sourcecode in the browser. The easiest way to identify that a WordPress site is being used while looking at the sourcecode, is when you see the file paths/URL’s for the sites Assets (Images, CSS, and Javascript files)
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WordPress Custom Editor Quicktag Buttons

If you use WordPress for a blog, you probably use shortcodes. The wordpress editor toolbar has buttons you can click that help automate the use of shortcodes, these buttons are called Quicktag buttons. In the past if you wanted to add your own custom quicktag buttons, you would have to create a TinyMCE Plugin, just to add your own buttons,
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